Gifts for the Low-Carb Mama With Everything

What do you get for the mom obsessed with low-carb or keto diet? Traditional gifts like chocolates or fancy pasta dinners may not be the best idea for mom’s watching their carbs. Don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered. Here we list seven perfect gift ideas for the keto mom.

Fair Warning

Before you start purchasing your loved one a slew of these keto items, please make sure that she is absolutely a Keto Mom.

You can understand how buying keto health supplements, or sugar-free chocolates for a non-keto mom would likely earn you a ticket straight to the doghouse.

So, how do you know your mom is a keto mom?

She will probably tell you. That’s one thing about us paleo and keto-ers, we really like to talk about it…

Here are the other signs that your mom is a low-carb mama.

  1. Doesn’t stop talking about her diet.
  2. Tells you how many carbs are in everything you eat.
  3. Puts butter and heavy cream in her coffee while telling you the dangers of sugar.
  4. Eats burgers without buns.
  5. Reads ingredients list and nutrition labels meticulously.

If your mother exhibits any of those symptoms she is likely a Keto Mom, and she will love any of the following gifts!

If she isn’t, that’s ok too. Skip to the bottom of this post where there are links to tons of gift ideas for other types of mom’s as well.

1.) Perfect Keto Bundles

Perfect Keto is the leading company for supplements for the keto diet.

They are the only company that I have found that goes to great lengths to use only natural ingredients in their products.

Any Keto Mom would love any of their products, but a great place to start would be with one of their bundles.They are really marked down compared to the individual items.

However, if you do decide to purchase single items, use the coupon code THESTRUGGLE at checkout and get an additional 15% off.

2.) Home Cooked Meal or Dessert

Seeing as how going to a restaurant can sometimes be complicated for a keto mom, an even better idea is to find a delicious keto recipe and cook for her at home.

It would be so thoughtful for you to cook a meal that perfectly fits her diet.

Check out our recipes or simply grill her up a nice steak with a salad and some veggies. She will be more than thrilled.

3.) Stand Mixers

When it comes to stand mixers, nothing compares to the KitchenAid. It is a workhorse that will last a lifetime.

With its many attachments, it’s a great buy, and is sure to leave any mom thrilled!

I use my stand mixer and attachments almost daily, and any keto mom would be proud to get this as a gift.

4.) Keto Bark

Choc Zero’s Keto Bark is super popular among keto mamas. As a guilt-free treat, and coming in under $20, this is a perfect small gift for the keto mama.

5.) Blender

Every keto mama needs a high-quality blender for her shakes and dressings. These are some of the best affordable ones for home use. Any mom is sure to love these.

6.) New Clothes

With all that healthy eating, sooner or later your keto mama is going to need some new clothes. Any mama would appreciate a mini shopping spree, a chance to spend guilt-free on themselves, or maybe even a

Gift Card

Take Care of Your Keto Mom

Whatever the occassion, make sure you’re taking care of your keto mama. She is working hard to take care of herself, and she sure could use your love and support.

Think of any other great gift ideas for the keto mom? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll try to add them to the list.

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