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Terri Snider

Hi, I’m Terri, the creator of The Struggle Is Beautiful. I created this site as a resource to help working moms do all the things. As a working mom myself, I understand how difficult it can be to balance work and family.

I created The Struggle Is Beautiful as a resource to help working moms do it all. From gymnastics to spelling test, and work meetings to dinner-time, we are here to help you!

It’s so hard to get a healthy dinner on the table after you get home from work, but our guilt-free dinner recipes will help you get something easy on the table in less time.

Our household tips will help you keep your home presentable and tidy without working yourself to death, and our self-care and time management tips will help you with all the stress. 

Consider The Struggle Is Beautiful your source to manage the struggle of home life, so you can spend your weekends doing things you actually want to do!




I am a wife, mother, middle school teacher, and writer living in a cozy farmhome in the Pineywoods of Texas.

Like most working moms, I struggle with balancing parenting, marriage, and work. I find the answer in prioritizing my responsibilities and slowing life down.

I realize that I simply can’t do it all. So, I slow down and enjoy the things I can do.

Finding the balance was very difficult for me when my children were young.

My turning point was when my son was five. We were in a terrible car accident that left him paraplegic.

After the accident, we spent months in the hospital with him. Our world basically stopped turning and we dealt with this crisis. I was out of work for over a year finding a new normal for our family. 

I was forced to prioritize, and take the time that my family needed.

Since returning to work, I have not had the issues with balancing my life that I had before. I work hard to stay grounded and give my best self to my family. 

I use this blog to share my strategies for staying healthy (mentally and physically) and  shortcuts for managing my home and children without the stress and exhaustion.


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