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The Struggle is Beautiful is a blog dedicated to helping moms battle stress and find the time to live their healthiest, happiest lives without breaking the bank. Families are busier today than ever, which is why it’s so important for us to calm the chaos and make the time to enjoy things. The Struggle is Beautiful strives to help moms bring a sense of peace to their homes, children, and especially themselves.

More often than not, I feel too stressed to be blessed rather than vice versa. Join me in my journey of finding beauty in the struggle while doing it all as a modern-day mom.

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About me

In my lifetime, I have worked many jobs. From carhop to junior high teacher, I have been a girl of all trades. None of these, however, prepared me for the hardest job of all, motherhood.

Parenting is stressful. There is always something to do. It always seems like I’ve forgotten something, and to top it all off, someone is always crying (and sometimes it’s me.)

Despite it all, when you have the time to actually be present with your family, parenting is the best job in the world. The belly laughs, the silly jokes, and, of course, the snuggles make it all worthwhile.

Sometimes, however, the beauty gets lost in the struggle.

I have dedicated the last few years to slowing down and enjoying my family and my life. In the process, I helped my family enjoy theirs as well.

Now, I’m keeping these same principles in place in my home, but also am writing full time and sharing what I’ve learned with others. Please follow me on Facebook and Instagram for a closer look.


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