Isn’t laundry the worst? I know I sure hate it. Who wants to spend their whole weekend washing clothes? With this system, you do a little each night and take the weekends off. This Easy Laundry System helps simplify your laundry routine and keeps your weekends free for fun.

1. Have a separate laundry basket for every person in the home.

The first step to this easy laundry system is to manage the dirty clothes. I’ve tried almost all of the many methods of doing this. Including building a special shelf to hold my laundry basket.

I’ve found the simplest method the most effective. Each person in the house gets their own laundry basket. There’s also a basket for towels and linens in each bathroom. This means putting a basket in each person’s bedroom and one in each of the bathrooms.

My husband and I each have a separate basket in our bedroom.

The most challenging part of this is to get the people in your home to use the baskets properly. Each person must put their dirty clothes in their own laundry basket.

They also need to put their dirty towels in that basket. It only takes minimal effort on everyone in the home but makes the laundry run much more efficiently.

Depending on your family, it might take some effort on your part to get the family into the habit of putting the dirty laundry in the appropriate basket. I always remind my kids and husbands that it’s the least they can do since I’m washing their clothes.

  • Tip: The large hamper style baskets are tempting, but these small 1.5 bushel baskets are my favorites. They are sturdy and hold a load of clothes perfectly. A larger basket may hold more clothes but will let you get further behind on your laundry.

2. Change the way you separate laundry.

With modern clothes, laundry soap, and washing machines, there’s really no need for separating clothes by color anymore. They don’t really bleed.

I do separate brand new bright colors, coarse blue jeans, and delicates.

Other than those, I will take each person’s basket and wash them all their clothes in one load. It saves so much more time. I can do fewer loads of clothes, and keeping each person’s clothes together makes it easier to fold and put away as well. Everything is already separated out by rooms.

As soon as I put the dirty clothes in the washer, I disinfect the basket and set it aside for the clean, folded clothes to go in.

3. Fold and put away laundry straight out of the dryer.

I used to always take the clothes out of the dryer and put them on a table or the couch to fold them. This was a terrible practice. Every time your laundry stops somewhere, that’s another place for it to get stuck.

My laundry used to get stuck on the couch, the kitchen table, my bed, a laundry basket in the corner.

Now, I fold my laundry straight out of the dryer. It saves so much time and ensures that it gets done right away. Also, when your clothes are folded fresh out of the dryer, they will have fewer wrinkles, and you probably won’t have to iron.

I put the folded clothes back into the same laundry basket and get the owner of the clothes to put them away. Again, this will take a little supervising and training to make sure they are being put away properly, but also, it’s the least they can do for you.

Do not stop at cleaned and folded. Make them put their clothes away, the laundry isn’t done until it’s put away. The clothes will simply get unfolded and messy again if you put off putting this last step.

My kids have just now gotten to the age that they can help with this.

If your a mom of toddlers, sorry, you’re likely on your own. Don’t listen to the blogs that say your kids should be helping with chores. That will only stress you out more. I tried and tried to get mine to help when they were smaller and it just made me aggravated and discouraged.

My kids did not start helping with any helpful chores until they were about five. Hopefully, this system will help simplify the laundry, even if you don’t have help.

4. Do a load every day.

This is the hardest part! There are so many other chores to do, and I’m exhausted after dinner. However, this is where you get your weekends back.

I personally hate doing laundry on Saturday when the rest of the family is having fun and relaxing. So, I make myself do a load of laundry start to finish every night.

The active time (the time you’re actually working) for a load of laundry is only about 13 minutes. Thirteen minutes a night is a small price to pay not to have to do it on the weekend.

I usually put the load in the wash as soon as we get home, and try to time it where I’m folding while dinner is cooking. That way I’m done before dinner is ready.

Easy Laundry System in a nutshell

Simplified Laundry System: Important Steps

This Easy Laundry System helps simplify your laundry routine and keeps your weekends free for fun.

Laundry Baskets

Have a separate laundry basket for every person in the home.

Don't Separate

Forget separating laundry by color. Instead do a load for each person.

Fold Right Away

Fold and put away laundry straight out of the dryer.

Load Every Day

Doing a load of laundry everyday can be hard, but it keeps your weekends free for all the things you to do.

If you still have trouble keeping up with laundry even doing one load a day, you may have too many clothes. Perhaps weeding out your closets is a good idea.

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