Sparkle in Pink Review

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My sweet daughter adores all things girly, sparkly and pink, but she also loves to run, play and be a rough little kid. The problem is, if I buy the clothes she likes, they are often so overpriced that I don’t want her to play in them. Sparkle in Pink is an online boutique that specializes in all the things she loves. They sell everything for your little princess. The have the clothes will she love, with prices she can play in.

I stumbled onto Sparkle in Pink just in time for back to school shopping and got almost ALL of my daughter’s clothes for just over $100. The best part is she LOVES them! I won’t have to fight her to convince her to wear a certain outfit. Yes, she’s that particular about what she wears. I don’t think I knew or cared what I was wearing at age 5.

We had a lot of fun making our un-boxing video.

******Oh No! is that what my hair looked like! EEK!*****

The outfits did have a funny smell and were very wrinkled from being in the plastic. I decided to go ahead and wash them. All of the tags said hand wash only, but I’m a rebel. I put them in the washer on delicate, and then dried them on low heat. I didn’t dry the HUG TIME shirt with the fringes. I was worried about what they’d do in the dryer.

All of these clothes were 97% Cotton and 3% Spandex, and they all washed just fine. Some of them were still slightly wrinkled, but I’m sure you could iron them..if you do that sort of thing. I plan on trying to dry those with a little more heat next time.

This first little dress was my favorite. It was so cute, fit well, and only cost $13.99

These two outfits came as part of a Daily Deal. They offer new sales everyday. The day I ordered, these outfits were being sold together for $19.99. The Tutu outfit is my daughters favorite, and the Hug Time fringe dress is my least favorite. It ran a little big, but I decided to keep it. It was part of the bundle and she liked the tutu so much. She’ll grow into it.


I was most excited about this little outfit with glittery shorts! It was $16.99, and that is one of the more expensive items on the site. I really loved the glitter shorts. Too bad they don’t have them in mommy sizes.

This mustard colored shirt was actually part of a mommy and me outfit. I got Lyla one for $8.99, and also scored one for myself! Too bad it looks way cuter on her!  The jeans she’s wearing in the picture are $4.97 leggings from Walmart. She refuses to wear actual pants. I tried.

This dress is her “other favorite.”  It was also part of a mommy and me set. So, I grabbed myself one too. Both were $8.99. This is one of the outfits that I think might need an iron. The picture on the left shows the wrinkles. This might not bother some people, but I really hate ironing. I am still going to try the dryer. I will update this post after I do.

Both my daughter and I LOVE these clothes, and I’m super happy about the pricing. The only thing to worry about is that at these prices, it’s easy to go overboard.

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Sparkle In Pink

I hope you love the clothes as much as I do.

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